Soil and Rock Description in Engineering Practice

David has built a reputation as the UK’s foremost expert on the description of soils and rocks. This is based primarily on 40 years’ experience of describing soils and rocks from all round the world in a project context. This has involved extensive travel, but also many cases where descriptions have been made and checked via the telephone and internet.

This practical experience is underpinned by David’s input to writing the Standards on which the work of the industry is based:

  • Following the publication of BS5930:1981 David published papers criticising the proposals for SARD there, and followed on with suggestions for a better approach;
  • He was lead author on Section 6 on SARD in BS5930:1999 and 2015;
  • He was the UK expert in drafting the International Standards on SARD, namely EN ISO 14688-1, EN ISO 14688-2 and EN ISO 14689-1 both in the 2001-2004 versions and as Convenor in the 2018 versions;
  • He led the amendments to BS5930:1999 to allow the implementation of the EN ISO standards into UK practice;
  • He wrote the leading book on the subject which was published in 2010 to a range of complimentary reviews (see below);
  • He led the revision work to update the national standard and which has resulted in the publication of BS5930:2015.  He revised this book and the 2015 version is fully up to date with the European and UK national Standards requirements;
  • He is convenor of the drafting committee currently revising the EN ISO standards to make them more correct and readable;
  • During all this time David has developed, delivered and evolved a series of training courses on SARD, which are delivered via a number of routes, but can be tailored and provided to your own company – use Contact Form on these pages.

Details of how to order this book are given on the SARD page here.